Zido Taekwondo Shin Guard
Zido Taekwondo Shin Guard
Zido Taekwondo Shin Guard

Zido Generation 2 World Taekwondo (WT) Style Taekwondo Shin Guard

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At Zido we believe in continuously improving. Our generation 2 taekwondo shin guard still has the coated material on both sides to minimise sweat absorption into the guard and so you can easily wipe them down after training. ​

We have improved it with a higher density polyurethane core and a thicker section in the middle for more protection down the center "line".

Some people like the band in the middle, others prefer to cut it off. We'll leave that up to you.

Coated on both sides to minimise sweat/dirt absorption and odour
Light weight Protects against bumps and bruises
Central "line" for added protection 

General guide (height of wearer):

XXS 120 - 135cm
XS - 135-150cm
Small 150-165cm
Medium 165-180cm ​ ​
Large 180cm-195cm