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The Zido Story

I started Zido because I had a desire to provide more alternatives to the options that were available locally. I set about looking to make the type of product that I wanted. Simple things like gym bags that actually fit on your lap on the bus or in the gym’s locker, tops made out of bamboo because an awesome material to train in and Taekwondo equipment that is comparable in price and quality to what I buy in Korea.

So far it's been a great journey, some products don’t always turn out as planned but you won't see those. Before I launch any product I have a good idea of how you’ll feel because I have either personally tested the product or my training partners have. I put Zido products to the test in a variety of situations e.g. during light and intense Taekwondo training, in hot 38° yoga, cold morning walks/jogs and seeing if the Zido Classic Bag fits into different sized lockers.

I believe that mastery is achieved by the continued pursuit of excellence and would like to invite you to join us on this pursuit as we walk the Path of Determination.

Founder, Taekwondo Master