taekwondo chest guard blue side
Taekwondo chest guard red side

Chest Guard (double sided)

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There are few more exciting feelings than putting on a good hogu before stepping onto the mat.

The Zido Hogu is made to be thick enough to absorb some of the impact from kicks and punches (it's not kevlar! Some strikes will still hurt) but thin enough so that it isn't bulky and in the way.

It is reversible with a blue side and a red side and can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth to avoid the build up of odours.

Size guide (upper limit is if you're thin):

Size 0 - 120-145cm

Size 1 - 145-155cm

Size 2 - 155- 175cm

Size 3 - 175 - 185cm

Size 4 - 185 - 195cm

Size 5 - 195 - 205cm