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Zido kicking shield (small)
Zido kicking shield (small)
Zido kicking shield (small)

Zido kicking shield (small)

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During our training we noticed that the hand held "clappers" weren't great for cut kicks or back kick but when using the large shields it's hard to move around and simulate a proper fighting scenario. 
This is where the Zido small kicking shield comes in. This shield isn't really for repetitive drills but is best suited to sparring and reaction drills where you want the target holder to move quickly and allow the kicker to use a variety of kicks. 
Suitable for a wide range of martial arts including taekwondo, kick boxing, muai thai, karate 
  • Leather exterior 
  • High density, "low recoil" interior 
  • Hand grip + two velcro arm fasteners