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Zido Bamboo and Cotton Tee Shirt

Zido Classic Bamboo/Cotton Tee

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What's wrong with quick dry? It stinks. No matter what type of quick dry we tested it would always stink.

Deceptively simple our 95% bamboo 5% spandex shirt is our answer to quick dry. The cloth is extremely light, soft, UV protecting, less odour trapping compared with dry fit and easier to peel off after a workout than cotton. It absorbs moisture very well so to quote another determined individual "you can have any colour you like as long as it's black" (for now). Sweat stains just aren't pretty.

Our experience is that it's best for cold to moderate training environments. Once it matches your body temperature it feels like it keeps a baseline so great for gyms, outdoors and dojangs. It was fine during our Singapore testing but not great for extremely hot and stuffy environments (e.g. hot yoga). This is a must have item for all fitness enthusiasts.

  • 95% bamboo 5% spandex gives it strength and stretch
  • Super light weight
  • Soft and comfortable
  • UV blocking
  • Durable
​Disclaimer: While our bamboo tee is less smelly than quick dry, it's not an excuse to stop wearing deodorant.